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Allergic Rhinitis and its treatment

In the month of march I have blogged regarding the same topic. Now I want to share a new typical case of Allergic Rhinitis and how I handled it successfully.

Mr. Abhilasha aged 25 came to me one month back on Sunday at around 11.30 am to my clinic at bangalore. He was a Software engineer native of Mumbai now working in Bangalore. His problems are
1. Nasal congestion while getting up from the bed
2. Continuous sneezing
3. Heaviness in the head
4. Body ache
5. Frequent throat infection
If eat cold items the problem will shoot up. He was living with these problems from last 2 yeras.

Now history of the patient
He born and brought up at Mumbai (Economical capital of India), now working in Bangalore (IT capital of India). Both cities climatic condition are different. He was adjusted to the hot weather of Mumbai but now this cold and pleasant weather of Bangalore (Pensioners paradise) is not at all suits him but some how he is managing.

His lifestyle
1. Very irregularity in food timing
2.Late night food 
3. Evening heavy snacks
4. 4-6 ltrs of water consumption
5. Morning bath after having food
6. Usually eat cold stuffs

All of the above will hamper his digestive power which is key for our immunity.

Pathogenesis (How a disease develops):
When our digestive fire is low, food consumed wont digest completely and some semi digested material will start accumulating inside the body. This undigested material will start interfering in the other systems of the body. This will create an healthy environment for infections.  They easily stay their and start the diseases.   

If you know the cause and the problem then treatment is very easy because the diagnosis is very important. 

My treatment to Mr. Abhilasha
First line of Treatment
1. Corrected his lifestyle by advising him
i. Three times a day at a particular fix time have to take food according to his digestive capacity. While having food one should have to feel hungry i.e. the earlier food should be completely digested. 
ii. Have to take dinner before 8.00 pm and afterwards no food.
iii. Skip the evening snacks as it will hamper the dinner.
iv. Excessive intake of water is a major cause for allergic rhinitis. Water should be taken whenever necessary i.e. when we feel thirst. The hot water is always best.
v. One should not have to take bath after food. It is mandatory to take bath in empty stomach i.e. always better to take in morning time.
vi. Restrict cold stuffs.

Second line of treatment
1. I have prescribed him medicines to cure the disease.

In my next Blog I write about a treatment called "NASYA". It is one among the panchakarma  treatments of Ayurveda.

If you want more information please write to me.


manisha amdekar said...

Hi Pannag,

I am suffering from Rhinitis - gift of Bangalore. Resident of Pune earlier , had mild sneezing problems that have extrapolated in Bangalore. Currently am on a regular intake of Montec LC and NuoDase drops. Please can you help me get rid of this.

pannagkamat said...

Hai Manisha

Normally this problem occur due to some changes in our lifestyle. I suggest some of the changes to follow. As i don't know your lifestyle I suggest all the changes. It is not good to prescribe medicines as I have not seen you and your severity.
1. try to complete night dinner before 8.00 PM after dinner don't take milk, fruits etc.
2. Avoid evening snacks
3. Always drink hot water and don't take much qty of water unnecessarily. Only have 10-20 ml hot water whenever you feel thirsty.
4. Avoid having curd, butter milk in the night.(Dinner)
5. Reduce the qty of dinner.
6. Avoid cold items, fridge items and the food which are remained( before day night food).

If you need more info. don't hesitate to ask. I hope you will get well soon.

Thank you for your query. Please share the same with more no. of people.

Indian said...

I also have allergic rhintis and I am very anxious person,, is there link between anxiety and allergy,, also what your opinion on lifelong celibacy to cure my anxiety

pannagkamat said...

Dear Indian

Thank you for your comments. The allergic rhinitis is a curable disease. Now the link between allergic rhinitis and anxiety. I have to find out what is the reason behind your anxiety. Then I can come to conclusion. So please write your problem in detail to my email pannagkamat@gmail.com. It would be easy for me to reply.

Unknown said...
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