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I usually choose the topics from clinical practice. Today this topic is based on my internship under my teacher (Doctor). 
I was doing my internship 4 years back where my teacher explained the thyroid problems by giving 2 examples of his clinical practice. Those cases I want to narrate in this blog. Before going through the details of these patients I too was in a confusion that really thyroid problems are curable? But my confusion quickly solved after following the patients for 6 months.

1st case History 
A girl of 19 year had a irregular Menstrual bleeding and sudden weight gain. She usually do had a pain in her lower abdomen before and during menstruation. When she went to the doctor, doctor advised her to go for thyroid hormone test. The report shows increased TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone). From some source she got the information that Ayurveda medicine cure the disease and I got a good opportunity to closely observe and learn.

I got an opportunity to collect the history of the patient where we found history of postponement pills. We showed the case sheet to our teacher. He told us that postponement pills were the major cause for the problem.

These postponement pills alter the hormonal balance and which intern effects the pituitary gland function, this is the major gland which regulates menstruation(as it secrets FSH and LH, TSH is also secret from pituitary gland). - allopathy way of pathology.

What Ayurveda says is - if any one hold the natural urge which will lead to serious problems (urination, defecation etc), menstruation is a natural process if a person hold it by using the pills the unwanted material which should have been cleared out from our body will stay inside and start disease process. The uncleared tissues pile up every month due to irregularities and increase the body weight.

2nd Case History
A lady of age around 29, had a child of 1.5 year. Her problem were also the same as above. But here the cause of the disease was different. After delivery she doesn't followed the proper food and lifestyle and the final result was Thyroid problem. 

During pregnancy a lady won't menstruate for 9 months. So after delivery the bleeding will be there for 7-15 days. These 15 days a delivered lady has to clear body from the unwanted tissues. Then for next 30 to 45 days every day ample amount of ghee has to consume along with the hot and fresh food. The Ghee will provide strength to the Uterus and body, clear out the last remains of the unwanted tissues. Ghee increases the milk secretion (this is Ayurveda way of postpartum regimen). When these regimens followed she starts menstruation after 3 months and it will be regular. The major benefit is she will come back to the normal weight what she were having before pregnancy. 

The above lady not followed any of these and start the first menstruation after 8 month of her delivery and the subsequent months Menstruation were very irregular and  sudden weight gain was the next headache for her.

Unwanted tissues which were remain inside the body hampered the hormonal balance and resulted irregular Menses and weight gain. 

Here we can clearly say both of them welcomed the disease  by putting a red carpet as they could have been avoided. The cause seems very simple but the final damage was a mighty thing to treat.

Both of them underwent Ayurveda treatment and they are completely normal today. So follow the food and lifestyle and enjoy the healthy way of life.


vivek's said...

can u plz specify the line of treatment for thyroid problem

pannagkamat said...

Dear Vivek, I am not sure if you are a doctor or not. Please could you be more specific so that my reply may benefit you.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doctor for the suggestion. It is very helpful

pannagkamat said...

@Anil kumar
My dear friend our sincere intention is to keep our people free from all kind of diseases. Next thing is to make them aware about the diseases and what are the consequences. It will create a revolution towards preventive health which is the need of the hour.

Thank you for your comment.

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