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how to get rid of pain during menstruation?

Menstruation is a natural process in fertile women. The menstruation commonly starts at the age of 14(Menarche) and ends at 45(Menopause). This is a monthly cycle in which 3-5 days bleeding per vagina will be there. 90% of these women do have one or the other problem related with the menstruation. It may be Preponement, Postponement, Pain, Heavy bleeding, Scanty bleeding, weakness, nausea, vomiting, Headache, Sleeplessness, Constipation or diarrhoea, Acidity, gaseous distention etc. Not only these physical signs and symptoms but the psychological problems like mood swing, anger, depression, anxiety, restlessness etc. In all these, “Pain” is widely affected problem. Still she bears these pains and does her job (personal, professional, social) very promptly without fail. We should salute her. This is my small gift to give her the comfort which is need of the hour.

 If we ask any doctor “What is the cause behind all these problems?, “Hormonal imbalance” and the treatment starts to balance the same. Have we ever gone beyond “Hormonal imbalance”? Have we tried to find out the reason behind “Hormonal imbalance”? No. If yes very few start finding the reason behind it and I would say they become successful.

The cause can be broadly classified into

1.       Food

2.       Lifestyle

3.       Medications


1.        Normally the food we eat in this too fast life is the actual cause for all these problems. The Pizza, Burger, Bakery foods, fried foods like Lays, Kurkure and the food kept in the fridge. First of all these foods are heavy for digestion so the undigested or semi-digested food block the healthy channels of the body. The blocks will hamper the easy movement of body fluids, hormones etc. The target organ will not get the adequate supply of hormone, blood and other essential chemicals for their normal functioning. These in turn cause less function or loss of function of the particular organs.

2.       The next question comes to our mind is what food we should have. Here we have to be very careful. The food which is accustomed to us like ex. Costal Karnataka people have red rice, South Karnataka people have ragi, north Karnataka Jawar etc. These foods are not only accustomed but the environment is also suits them. If those people suddenly change his/her food then the disease process starts. The pizza, burger are not our part of meal. They definitely cause the problem.

3.    Not only the food type but quantity, time, preparation method all counts. Ex: Same food (ragi balls) if kept in the fridge and used next day then it is again a poison for the body.

The food should be limited, fresh, Hot, Mixed with or prepared by adding some ghee or oil will keep the body healthy and improve the health.

4.       Frequently having food – One should not have anything before completely digesting the earlier food.

Life style

1.       Late night sleep

2.       Day time sleep

3.       After having food running or doing work or sleep

4.       Having bath after food

5.       More exercise

6.       Not taking rest during the menstruation

7.       Not following the regimen during and after pregnancy


1.       Preponement and postponement pills

2.       Induced or forceful Abortion

3.       D&C or D&E

4.       Copper T

5.       Hormonal pills

6.       Hormonal injections etc.

These will affect the normal functioning and cause the menstrual problems.

What is the remedy?

When we know the cause of the disease then it is very easy to cure. So here I have given detail explanation about the problem. Next comes how to find the relief?

1.       Take adequate rest during the menstruation.

2.       Every day have oil massage bath in empty stomach. But one should not take during the bleeding period.

3.       Go to sleep early and reduce the works which increases your physical strain.

4.       Have the hot and fresh food with sufficient amount of ghee or butter.

5.       During menstruation if pain is present then prepare 30ml decoction of Jeera (Cumin seeds) and add 1 tsp of butter and drink sip by sip.

6.       Have Jeera rice, ghee rice which is fresh during the pain.

7.       Take 1tsp of Jeera and fry it with 10-15ml of ghee in low flame and them chew the fried Jeera along with ghee. After 3-5 minutes drink 30 ml hot water.

8.       Prepare the food adding small quantity of castor oil or use castor oil for applying chapatti etc.

9.       Have very hot water during food.

These are some of the home remedies which I have suggest to my patients. They will benefit very quickly and you can feel the drastic change.

But these are not sufficient, a continuous medication is very essential for which please visit any qualified AYURVEDA DOCTOR.

“Sarve janaha sukhino bhavantu”.

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