Thursday, December 19, 2013


Madhu a mother of Aurush, came to me last week with very tensed face. Her child was 2 years old and was suffering from constipation. The child was very irregular in passing stools few days back but from last one week he had very severe problem once in 2 or 3 days he passes stools with very difficulty. Even after sensation of defecation Aurush unable to pass stool due to the severe pain and he cry during passing stools. They tried some home remedies like giving Banana etc. no improvement.

The other associated problems were bloated stomach, loss of appetite, pain in the abdomen, intestinal gas with foul smell and belching. When I did the physical examination of the body I found inflammation in the anal region which was very red and very sensitive to touch. When I started taking history I found these below as cause for the constipation.

1. Very irregular Diet
2. Biscuits and bakery foods
3. No Ghee and Oil use etc.
4. Oil fried foods like chips and lays

Then I conducted a simple treatment at my clinic. I massaged Castor oil to his lower abdomen (part below the umbilicus and above our genital organ)  and back (same area in the back of the body) for 5 minutes and gave him hot water fomentation. Immediately he got the sensation of stools and passed the stools. 

(Note: Hot water fomentation - Take one big bowl of hot water and dip a cotton towel and squeeze it. Then put the same hot towel on the area where you applied the oil for 2-3 minutes with few seconds of intervals)

Then I advised them to do the same everyday in empty stomach(best time is morning).  The next step was to stop all the foods which cause constipation and told them to give him rice gruel for next two days to add 1 teaspoon of Butter or Ghee to his food. Use only hot water for drinking. Apply butter to the anal region 2-3 times a day. Within 3 days the child was in normal condition. 

Here actually due to the dry food his intestine was completely dry and no ghee or butter was there in his food. The bakery foods and oily foods will cause indigestion and leads to constipation. Due to the hard stool very sensitive anal region was damaged and it was paining. 

Please try and find the amazing benefits. 

If you find it successful please right to me on comment space as it will benefit other blog readers and even me to educate myself. 


akhi said...

very good remody......go on dear........

akhi said...

very good remody.......go on dear............

pannagkamat said...

thank you.

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