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NASYA a daily regimen for healthy living

Dear Friends, I hope all are doing good. I wish keep healthy and spread the awareness about healthy living. I talked about "NASYA". Today my topic was regarding the same.

"NASYA" means what?
It is a type of procedure by which the oil, Ghee, butter, juices of the particular plant, powder of the herbs are put into the nostrils.
"naso hi shiraso dwaram" means the Nose is a way to Head and Brain. So any medicine if has to go to the head then it should be put into the nostrils.  

Types of NASYA
1. Daily
2. For the treatment in some diseases

NASYA as Daily regimen
Every day brushing the teeth, having bath etc are a daily routine of our life. In the same way Ayurveda says to keep ourselves healthy and competitive we have to follow the NASYA. 
Everyday after brushing the teeth every one should put 4 drops of coconut oil or Seasum or Gingilly (Til) oil in one nostrils followed by other nostril. First one should lay down on the bed and put the oil. After that take deep breath so that the oil should go inside. After 2-3 minutes the oil along with some phlegm come to our mouth. We have to spit it out. The phlegm will come for around 5 min with small intervals. Don't swallow it. When phlegm stops then take some amount of warm water and rinse the mouth for 30 seconds and expel it. 

1. It provides strength to all the sensory organs. 
2. Improve the memory power of children.
3. Give strength to the hair root, controls hair fall and keeps the mind cool and controlled.
4. It is very helpful in sleeplessness, less sleep, disturbed sleep etc and keeps the body healthy by improving the quality of sleep. 
5. Keeps the allergy problem away. 
6. Strengthen the Nervous system.

NASYA as treatment
As treatment nasya is used in lots of diseases like Facial paralysis, hair loss, Migrane, ENT diseases etc. While doing NASYA as treatment it should be under Ayurveda medical Practitioner supervision. Because it includes lots of procedures. 
NASYA is one among the "PANCHA KARMA". So before going for it pre procedures have to follow like Head and face massage then steam to the same. The drops put into the nostrils are 10-15 in each. After the procedure "Dhooma" therapy have to be done. The fumes of herbals are given to the patient to take inside mouth and nose. 

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