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Dear Friends, I received lots of queries to my older post THYROID PROBLEMS & AYURVEDA TREATMENT ( The queries like,
 What is the line of treatment?
What should be the food for thyroid diseased patients and their Life style?
This post for them who are eagerly waiting for the solution. 

Today Thyroid and hormone related diseases are becoming common in 20-30 age groups of females and some males. It is alarming and most of them go for Allopathy treatment which tries to do the management of the disease but no definite cure. Some people fed up with treatment and turn to Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. I receive these kinds of patients more who tried other treatments and were not satisfied.

The patients who comes first for Ayurveda treatment in early stages of the disease is curable and the patient can lead a normal healthy life. But if the disease is chronic in a particular patient, the treatment will also take longer duration. 

These are the major causes for the disease
1. Menstrual disorders
2. Hormonal pills, injection, postponement pills etc
3. Ineffective management of first one and half month after delivery
4. Food habits and impaired digestion

1. The regularization of menstruation will sufficient to cure the problem. So here we give importance to menstruation. It again depend upon the cause, due to which the menstruation is impaired. Here some of the oral medicines and some procedures like "Virechana" and "Basti" will help.

2. The hormonal pills etc will ruin the normal hormonal physiology of the body and thyroid problems occur. This in turn effect the production (more or less) of thyroid hormones. The final outcome will be sudden weight gain or weight loss, hot flushes, fatigue etc. Here the treatment is to bring the normalcy in thyroid and related hormone production. The oral medicines are sufficient.

3. First one and half month of pregnancy is very important. Usually in the pregnancy (9 months) no menstrual flow. So the unwanted blood accumulates in the body. For the first 15 days after delivery there will be profuse flow of menstrual blood which clear all the stored unwanted blood. During these 15 days, some home medicines like pepper decoction, black cumin decoction will help to clean the body. If the blood is not cleared during this time the outcome will be thyroid problem and sudden weight gain. Here we conduct "Virechana" treatment to clean the body from the toxic blood. 

4. Due to impaired digestion, accumulation of "Kapha" will hamper the hormonal system. This leads to disease. Here "Vamana" to remove "Kapha" will be the major treatment. 

All said and done the final treatment will be planned after thorough understanding of the patient and his history. So the above treatment is for your understanding purpose and how Ayurveda deal with thyroid disease patients. 

For all the above patients some of the food and lifestyle changes are very essential
1. Have healthy and fresh food
2. Hot and limited quantity of food
3. Don't eat dinner very late i.e. after 8.30 PM.
4. Avoid night Curd and butter milk. 
5. Deep oil fried foods and bakery foods to be avoided.
6. Stop having evening snacks
7. Use 1 to 2 teaspoon full of ghee during lunch and dinner
8. Have oil massage bath every day morning in empty stomach
9. The fast foods like Pizza, Burger, Italian etc which are not suits us will be better to avoid.
10. Sleep early in the night, before 10-10.30 PM. 

I hope your queries are attempted. If any further information please write to me in comment section. I will try to give justice to your questions with suitable answers. 

Have a happy and prosperous healthy new year.

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Healthy food preparation - 1

There is a beautiful wording in Ayurveda text “when food is good and healthy, there is no use of medicine and when the food is unhealthy, medicines are of no use.” This says food is a thing which produces the disease and the same may cure the disease when consumed in a right way.

In today’s blog post I want to share a food preparation which is as good as medicine or better than medicine and easy to prepare.

I begin with a small but real story. Morning at around 7 Mr. Ramesh called me from Delhi. It was a summer their and he was full of fear and anxious about his condition. He was recently transferred to Delhi and was a bachelor so use to have his food most of the time in the hotels very rarely cooks himself. The Delhi climatic condition was new to him and even food.

Ramesh said “Sir, blood is coming out with the stool and it is very much paining and burning near the anus. I need quick relief sir. I can’t bear the pain. Please help me sir.”

I asked him “Is there any Ayurveda medical shop near?”

He replied “No sir, I am new to this area and as such there are no Ayurveda medical shops.”

Now it was a real challenge for me to treat him.

I asked “Ramesh, if I tell you some food preparation, is it possible for you to prepare and eat, which will give you the relief?”

“It’s OK sir, you please tell me how to prepare.”

I replied “wait for 5 minutes; I will forward you the preparation through mail.”

Then he replied “OK sir, I will wait for the mail, Thank you”.

Now I will share the same with you. Hope you will make use of it in future.

Coconut Milk Gruel (Kayi halu ganji  in kannada)

1.       One grated coconut
2.       One bowl freshly boiled rice
3.       Sugar
4.       Water
5.       Cardamom powder
6.       Ghee or Butter

Method of preparation
Mix the grated coconut with one glass of water and grind it in the mixer for 2-3 minutes. Filter the semi liquid material in the clean cotton cloth and squeeze it in a vessel. That is coconut milk we get around 500ml. Now mix freshly boiled rice in the coconut milk vessel. If needed add some quantity of water to adjust the consistency.
Keep the vessel for heat on a low (Sim) flame till it starts boiling. When the bubbles start coming add sufficient qty of sugar and wait for the next bubbles. Now add cardamom powder for the flavor and after 30 seconds off the flame. Finally add 1-2 tea spoon of Ghee or Butter before eating.


  •      It is very cool for the body so remove the excessive heat from the body and keeps the body cool.
  •      Burning sensation in the stomach, acidity, blood coming out from the anus with pain and burning in the anal region (Above case).
  •       Fever with excessive body ache it reduces the fever immediately (within 10 minutes).
  •       Chronic acidity patients and migraine patients.
  •     It provides strength to body and best food for those who are doing more of physical works. Ex: Construction workers, Factory workers, Sales person, Drivers etc.
  •       For the developing child it is better than feeding them chemical supplements.
  •     It improves the sexual power of the males and cures the sperm and erection related problems.
  •    Best food for the pregnant women in first two trimesters (for first 6 months). It improves the Haemoglobin (Hb) level in the blood and provides necessary nutrition to the baby in the womb.
  •        Best food for the patients with chronic constipation.
  •       In the old age patients best food for quick improvement in body strength.
  •      Especially in the autumn and summer it is the food of choice. It protects the body from all ill effects of external heat.
  •    In kidney stone patients it can work as catalyst for breaking the stones and act as diuretic. 
  •      In emaciation it acts as a good food which improves his body tissues.

My dear friends please give me your valuable comments on the comments part below the article.

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Wish You All Happy New Year.  
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