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want to get rid of Allergic rhinitis? Follow these 5 rules!

want to get rid of Allergic rhinitis? Follow these 5 rules!

Anush 8 years old boy. He started getting cold and cough every fortnight when he was 3 years old. It continued for almost 5 yeas. Morning if he uses cold water for brushing, goes out of the house in misty weather, cold air or dust will again make his condition worst. His parents met all types of doctors and they followed all types of "pathy" available in Bangalore. Anush was same as before. 

His symptoms were

  • Every day morning running nose or nasal congestion (Blocked nose)
  • Occasional headache or heaviness in the head
  • Nasal irritation
  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • he sneezes 15-20 times in the morning
  • expectorant in the morning hours is more with yellowish, green or white color
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • slightly increased temperature of the body
  • Anorexia (less appetite for food or not feeling hungry)
  • constipation etc.

A "Allergic rhinitis" patient typically do have these symptoms. There may be lot more.

Anush before coming to me

His parents some how managed with medicines but the problem was still present. Then doctors gave brand of "Allergic rhinitis" to Anush. As he was suffering from last 5 years it again re-branded into "Chronic allergic rhinitis" due to so and so allergens. Then it was diagnosed that these were the allergens which cause the problem so keep him away from cold water, dust, mist, cold air etc. 

You may be one among them who suffer from same disease. Some people are managing somehow, some are under long term medication and majority of people turn to Asthma patients. Your stage may one among these three. 

You may be regularly use inhalers, nebulizers or some medication which controls your mucous secretion, Along with that antibiotics, anti inflammatory etc. for quick relief from symptoms. Anush was using all those.

Did you really find any permanent solution for Allergic Rhinitis?. If YES please share. It would be beneficial for lacs of people. If Your answer is NO. I may be helpful for you. 

How I will Help you?

Your understanding about the disease may be wrong or you may be ignoring some of the important things which cause you allergic rhinitis or may be some other reason.  

Now I will help you to have a solution from Allergic Rhinitis.

When I went through the life style of these patients - all of them have five common wrong habits in their day to day life. You may be doing the same. May not be all but majority of them. If you avoid those small mistakes, you will be like any other healthy individual. 

The causes may be known to you but you may not aware of those. Check them.

1. Food consuming time and quantity
  • having late night food
  • Dinner heavy meal
  • Evening heavy snacks and again night dinner 
  • Untimely food in the night
  • More intake of food than our capacity
This kind of routine will destroy your digestive power. The food wont digest properly and stays inside the body. In the long run you suffer from above problem. The main cause for Rhinitis is impaired digestion or your indigestion. 

Maintain appetite
Improve digestion
Stop above said wrong doings

2. Day sleep

Day sleep again hamper your digestive power which leads to accumulation of the undigested material in the body and cause "Rhinitis".

So avoid day sleep.

3. More no. of times food intake

Now it has became a trend to have food after every 3 hours or they have some snacks, biscuits etc. It is a bad habit. It will lead you to rhinitis due to indigestion. 

4. water intake

Water is also a liquid food. Now a days people are having 4-6 ltrs. in a day. This is a wrong method. There is no fix amount of water intake for every individual. It is differ from individual to individual. A person has to take water in a limited quantity when he/she feel thirsty. If it is more than the normal to that particular individual then it will lead to indigestion.

5. Junk foods and change in food habit

Junk food is a major cause for almost all diseases. Gobi manchoori, All types of puri's, Fast foods, Noodles all are heavy to digest in our body. If these food didn't digest properly in your body lead to allergic rhinitis.

I advice always to have food which are accustomed to us by birth. Ex. North Indians use Mustard oil, parota, Dal etc regularly. South Indians use Rice, Sambar etc. If south Indians start using Mustard oil, Paratha regularly (It is not his natural food by birth), will cause haematuria (Blood in the urine), Blood from the nose, anus etc.

This article emerge a question in your mind how the indigestion will be the cause for "Allergic rhinitis"? right!!!!!!! But it is true. A living creature like man, dog, elephant etc find a suitable place which is comfortable for it to live a life without any trouble. Same way If you create healthy environment for allergens in our body, they reside in your body and start diseases. If your body is clean, healthy then there is no allergens. The misquotes, rodents are present near dirty places. Because these places are comfortable for them to grow. Same way our body become a comfortable place for the disease producing allergens due to undigested food accumulation. 


So avoid these habits. follow the normal life style and see the difference in you. Write to me your experiences and if you have any question regarding the above topic then feel free to ask me.  

Now Anush is healthy. He is leading a happy life.  

First try it. Then judge it. Don't come to a conclusion without trying something. If still you have doubt about the usefulness of article I would suggest, Blindly follow whatever reveled here and then write to me about your experiences. 


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I usually choose the topics from clinical practice. Today this topic is based on my internship under my teacher (Doctor). 
I was doing my internship 4 years back where my teacher explained the thyroid problems by giving 2 examples of his clinical practice. Those cases I want to narrate in this blog. Before going through the details of these patients I too was in a confusion that really thyroid problems are curable? But my confusion quickly solved after following the patients for 6 months.

1st case History 
A girl of 19 year had a irregular Menstrual bleeding and sudden weight gain. She usually do had a pain in her lower abdomen before and during menstruation. When she went to the doctor, doctor advised her to go for thyroid hormone test. The report shows increased TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone). From some source she got the information that Ayurveda medicine cure the disease and I got a good opportunity to closely observe and learn.

I got an opportunity to collect the history of the patient where we found history of postponement pills. We showed the case sheet to our teacher. He told us that postponement pills were the major cause for the problem.

These postponement pills alter the hormonal balance and which intern effects the pituitary gland function, this is the major gland which regulates menstruation(as it secrets FSH and LH, TSH is also secret from pituitary gland). - allopathy way of pathology.

What Ayurveda says is - if any one hold the natural urge which will lead to serious problems (urination, defecation etc), menstruation is a natural process if a person hold it by using the pills the unwanted material which should have been cleared out from our body will stay inside and start disease process. The uncleared tissues pile up every month due to irregularities and increase the body weight.

2nd Case History
A lady of age around 29, had a child of 1.5 year. Her problem were also the same as above. But here the cause of the disease was different. After delivery she doesn't followed the proper food and lifestyle and the final result was Thyroid problem. 

During pregnancy a lady won't menstruate for 9 months. So after delivery the bleeding will be there for 7-15 days. These 15 days a delivered lady has to clear body from the unwanted tissues. Then for next 30 to 45 days every day ample amount of ghee has to consume along with the hot and fresh food. The Ghee will provide strength to the Uterus and body, clear out the last remains of the unwanted tissues. Ghee increases the milk secretion (this is Ayurveda way of postpartum regimen). When these regimens followed she starts menstruation after 3 months and it will be regular. The major benefit is she will come back to the normal weight what she were having before pregnancy. 

The above lady not followed any of these and start the first menstruation after 8 month of her delivery and the subsequent months Menstruation were very irregular and  sudden weight gain was the next headache for her.

Unwanted tissues which were remain inside the body hampered the hormonal balance and resulted irregular Menses and weight gain. 

Here we can clearly say both of them welcomed the disease  by putting a red carpet as they could have been avoided. The cause seems very simple but the final damage was a mighty thing to treat.

Both of them underwent Ayurveda treatment and they are completely normal today. So follow the food and lifestyle and enjoy the healthy way of life.

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Now a days every where AYURVEDA gaining importance due to some miracles it made in healthcare. But some myths are still in the minds of the people about AYURVEDA. Today I want to clear those myths.

  • Ayurveda is a medical science.
  • The treatments effect is slow.
  • Have to follow some stingy food and lifestyle regimens during the treatment.
  • The herbs are used as medicines.
  • It does not contain any side effects. etc

What ever told here are partially right but they are not 100% true. So I want to reveal the actual meaning of AYURVEDA.

Ayurveda is a life science. If you consider our body as a Hardware then the Ayurveda is like a Software helps in Healthy running of the Body. 

The AYURVEDA word is made up of two words.

AYU - means it is a healthy combination of "BODY, MIND, SOUL AND SENSE ORGANS". If these four are in good combination then the life will be healthy. If a small imbalance in these will cause a disease. 

VEDA - means "Knowledge". Here the knowledge of maintaining balance in the four factors of AYU. 

The SOUL is the leader and it resides in the BODY and do all its works through the help of SENSE ORGANS & MIND. Our SOUL will give instructions to the MIND, in turn MIND will perform the work using the BODY and SENSES. If all these four fundamentals are normal then the body will be healthy. 

This is the meaning of AYURVEDA. It looks spiritual but if we start exploring these theories we will get the actual knowledge. 

Please follow your mind and how it control your body. If your concentrate you will come out with the same that these four are essential ones.

Please give your valuable comments. 

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