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For the past couple of decades people have been guided to believe that food products such as oils, ghee, cheese etc are harmful for health. Notion in general seems to be that especially ghee may prove to be life threatening by causing serious health hazards such as heart related / blood vessel related problems and complications in cholesterol levels etc. well… is it for fact or are we being obscured of the real facts?

Ghee is not a poison; it is nectar for the mankind. The correct method of preparation of ghee, storage and consumption of ghee etc if followed, it will not harm the health rather improve the health. In general, any food item if we want to consume we have to think these factors. Does that food is required for me? How much quantity will be sufficient for me? Which is the right time to have? How long we can consume the food? The same things apply even for ghee. So any food item which is taken under control it will be beneficial and if it exceeds then definitely spoil it.

Now I would like to explore the benefits of ghee
1.       The first and foremost about the ghee is it is called as “Aajanma satmya” for the Indian subcontinent people. That means it is adjusted to our body physiology and anatomy and will always do well for the body. If it is so then it should have lots of benefits. Let us explore what are those?

2.       The ghee is called as “Sahasra veerya” means it contains 1000 times strength or regular consumption will increase our strength 1000 times. It may be exaggerated but definitely it will help a lot in improving our health and immunity.

3.       Ghee improves our “Dhi” (intellectual power), “Dhruti” (using the intellectual power effectively), “Smruti” (memory power). The healthy fat contents of the ghee help in nourishing the brain tissues and soothes brain tissue. 

4.       Ghee’s major benefit - it regularizes the digestion and improves the digestive fire. For abdominal discomfort, gaseous distention and constipation ghee along with hot and fresh food is a quick fix.

5.       Ghee improves the sexual power and increases the sperm count as well. It is the best aphrodisiac.

6.       Ghee also provides most of the cosmetic benefits like it glow the skin, improve the luster, slow down the aging process, and keep the skin young and wrinkle free. It provides protection to the skin from the bad rays of sun by covering skin by a thin oily layer.

7.       It is a best antibiotic and antimicrobial which removes all kinds of microorganism from the body.

8.       It is a good medicine for following diseases like emaciation, debility, sleeplessness, less sperm count, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, burn wounds, diseases encounter in pregnancy etc.

As the famous food writer  Michael Pollan explained, the best teacher of what’s healthy is not the food companies (because it is motivated to profit from cheap food that is often unhealthy); government (too often misguided an pulled in different directions by industry); or nutrition scientists (some admit their research techniques are flawed). The best teacher of what is good to eat is our historical culture, and as he put it, culture is a fancy word for mom and grandmother.

Now it is up to you to decide ghee is good or bad!
Please provide your valuable feedback in the comments below which will motivate me to write more on various topics.
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“How to prepare ghee?”

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