Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Never do these 3 after food !!!!!!!!

In our day to day life we do lots of mistakes related to our food habits, lifestyle; even our ignorance may cause us the diseases. Most of us may be unaware about some practices which are of less importance in our busy schedule. Actually they may look silly or simple but their long time effect is very horrible.
Let me start with a small story. One of my patient Sanket aged 7 used to have problem of indigestion. I treated him lots of time and all the time he was cured by the treatment. But after some day the same problem use to reoccur. Her mother was my blog reader. I thought  the problem is due to food, so I treated Sanket every-time only on the basis of his symptoms. I never went deep into his daily lifestyle. When this problem not curbed after repeated medication I thought of having his complete lifestyle history. Then I found that he is having an habit of bathing after food.
So Today my topic is on "Don't practice these 3 after food!".
1. Bath -
You shouldn't have bath just after having food. The bath after food will alter your digestive process and it may turn into a permanent digestive problem. Naturally bath increases your digestive power but if you have bath after food it will hamper the digestion. It is better to have early morning bath without having anything. If you are a housewife then surely you don't get the time in the morning hours and you plan to have bath  in the afternoons. So at  least  3 to 4 hours gap have to be given after food to take bath. In this gap your break fast will be digested completely and the bath will not cause any disease rather increase your digestive capacity.
2. Sleep -
Sleeping after breakfast & lunch is not advisable for you. This is the major cause for your Diabetes, Fat deposition and obesity problems. Ayurveda science says Sleep after breakfast & lunch will close all the channels of your body.  These channels are helpful to carry digested food material to respective tissue and help to convert them into a particular tissue. Due to closed channels the food will not able to reach to their respective tissues to build them. But the digested or semi digested food will totally convert to fat and it will again close your channels by atherosclerosis. If it is continued for long time the above disease will attack for sure. Naturally we go to sleep in the night after dinner. Even in the night there should be a gap of at least 2 hours after dinner.
3. Exercise -
Exercise after food certainly leads to serious health issues. Exercise includes playing outdoor games like Cricket, Football etc are also not good. Even it includes journey over car, two wheeler is not good. When you consume food our digestive system starts digestion. Exercise or playing outdoor games will disturb your digestion. So sitting in a calm place for half to one hour is the right thing for you. If you don't have that much time to spend then at least sit in a place for 15 min. and have a relaxed mind.
If you avoid these after having food will help you to keep your health balanced. You can use your precious time for some productive purposes and can benefit a lot.
If you find any difficulty or would like to express some of your thoughts please feel free to write back to me through my comment section. You can also share your problems or success stories etc. I will be very much happy and surely answer all of your queries with utmost importance.


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