Friday, August 16, 2013

Indigestion in the party or function try this

Hai Friends I Hope All of you are Healthy.

Two days before I went for a Lunch organised by our Doctor group. While eating I have consumed some more food which was really tasty. But within two hours my stomach got upset. 
1. The stomach was full with gas (Bloating stomach)
2. It was heavy (something filled inside) and I was feeling very uneasy.
3. Slight pricking pain was there in the abdomen region. 
4. Continuous belching.
5. Slight burning sensation was there in the stomach.

Then I went for quick fix solution. I have already made a mistake of eating more than the limit. 

To come to the normal stage I used these 2 methods and became perfect within next morning.

1. Cumin seed 1/4th teaspoon and 50 ml water and prepared the decoction. Had it sip by sip. Within 10 minutes my bloating of stomach relaxed. (You can also try this - take 1 teaspoon of cumin seed and chew inside the mouth for about 5 mins. The juice of cumin seed and our saliva will mix and form a liquid. Degluate (swallow) the juice. It will quickly clear the gaseous distention of the stomach and reduces the pain.)

2. In the night for dinner I was not feeling much hungry to have any food. But it is not advisable to skip a meal especially night meal. I prepared the rice gruel which is very easy for digestion. While preparing the gruel I added 1/4th teaspoon of coriander seed powder  & cumin seed powder. While having the gruel again consumed cumin seed decoction. Next day morning I was completely perfect. 

Rice gruel preparation
Take 50 gms of rice & wash it 3-4 times and add 500 ml of water and boil it on the low flame. Add cumin and coriander seed powder. When the rice is completely boiled use it for eating. You can add small amount of salt for taste while eating.

friends try this. 


pannagkamat said...

hai give your support. Please give me new topics for discussion.

Suman Rao said...

Hi Pannag...
lovely blog.., very useful...
Could you give some pointers for treatment of pain in the arches of the feet..
it started after I did some stretches without warmups..
We use AC here.
Thanks.. :)

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